Micro Challenge #36 – Creating images with binary

26 June 2020 - 3 minute read

Welcome to the thirty-sixth of Altitude Foundation’s #MicroChallenges2020

Today’s challenge will show you how to use binary to create images

What’s a Micro Challenge?

These challenges are short activities to help you develop, revise or refresh your coding skills, posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Micro Challenge #36

Binary can work as a form of Boolean operator, where 1 = true and 0 = false. You can use these digits as a way of conveying information – for example creating images in a grid!

So this grid becomes this image.

Binary can also work as an information system – so instead of 0s and 1s corresponding to numbers, we can set them to correspond to other information. For example, here are some colours in binary: 

  • 00 – white
  • 01 – blue
  • 10 – green
  • 11 – red

Using two binary digits per square means that that square can hold 2 bits of information. If we were to add another digit, the square would hold 3 bits of information – and you can store up to eight colours! Every time you add a bit or digit, you double the amount of information you can store.

The Challenge:

Today’s challenge is to create three images – one using binary as a Boolean operator; one using the 2-bit colour scheme; and one using 3 or more bits. For the third challenge, you will need to assign values to your binary digits, essentially storing data on them!

Review it:

  • Can you colour in your patterns to create the intended image?


  • Could you use pseudocode to describe your colour assignments for the third challenge?

Win a micro:bit!

Don’t forget: If you submit your response to Challenge #32 via the Share It options below before the 30th of June (that’s on Monday!), you will be entered into a prize draw for one of 5 micro:bits.

  • The giveaway is open to any young person aged between 14 and 18 based in the UK. 

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