Altitude 1600

About 1600

“The biggest benefit for me was visiting all the different events and learning more about a technological world I knew very little about” – Isabella, Altitude 1600 student


Altitude 1600 are a group of engaged, passionate young people aged 13 to 16 (Year 9 to 11) who:

  • Learn new digital skills for life
  • Make new friends and have fun
  • Explore the potential of a future in tech and digital

We offer a range of events, challenges and workshops for all our 1600 students to help you discover the exciting world of tech.


Code Cooperatives

Code Cooperatives are fortnightly coding sessions held in partner schools, aimed at students aged 14-18. These sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes, and are delivered in themed modules comprising six sessions (e.g. physical computing, cybersecurity, game design, web design etc.).

Code Project

The Code Project is a challenge-based, time constrained learning activity aimed at 14-16 year old students. Students are given a challenge, and are supported to design, develop and deliver a digital prototype in response. Their digital skills development is supported by mentorship opportunities with Altitude Staff and Volunteers (both from industry and Higher Education), as well as a channel for promoting future career and study opportunities.

Future Steps Events

A monthly series of events held in partnership with businesses and institutions, which aim to introduce, inspire and motivate students to engage with opportunities for further education and employment in their local area. These career events include activities such as workplace visits, careers fairs, career journey talks, and skills workshops.

Altitude Awards

Altitude Foundation believes that all young people are able to achieve great things. To recognise your achievements and dedication to the programme, Altitude 1600 students can work towards achieving their Altitude Awards, which can then be used as evidence of your skills, engagement and motivation in developing your practical and personal skills. There are four Altitude Levels at Altitude 1600, with each subsequent award taking more time and evidence to complete. Awards are recognised with certificates, prizes and experiences.

How to apply

In order to be eligible to apply for the selective elements of Altitude 1600, students will be selected on the basis of some of the following criteria:
Be a student of a school in the North East;
Currently in Year 9 to 11;
Pupil Premium eligible;
Young Carer;
Care Experienced;
EHC plan in place;
Receiving SEN support;
Living in a neighbourhood which has a high level of financial, employment or education deprivation.

To apply, please complete the application form.

If you have any questions about the Altitude 1600 programme or its eligibility criteria, please email