Micro Challenge #1 – Sequencing

6 April 2020 - 2 minute read

Micro Challenges are short activities to help you develop, revise or refresh your coding skills. Here’s our first challenge about sequences! #MicroChallenges2020

We will be posting 30 minutes challenges every Monday and Wednesday and then slightly longer challenges on Friday (to keep you entertained over the weekend)!

Our first challenge is a sequencing challenge. One of most important parts of creating a programme is ensuring that your code is sequenced correctly and includes all the necessary steps. BBC Bitesize has an excellent video explaining this in more detail (and includes a dancing robot).

Creating the Sequence

What we’d like you to do is:
— Write up a sequence for a day-to-day task (if you’re stuck start with making your favourite sandwich);
— Add as much detail as possible to avoid confusion or any lack of clarity;
— BONUS: Use colours to make it as interesting as possible to look at!

A basic example of a written up sequence can be found here

Review your work

Once you’ve completed the challenge, review it:
— Is there anything missing from the sequence? (For example, in Marie’s attached example, she’s forgotten to get a mug, so her coffee and/or tea is going to end up all over the place!)
— If you were to reveal the algorithm step by step, how long would it take for someone to guess the task? Is there a friend or a family member you could test it out on?

Share your sequence

We would love to see what you have created! Please send any pictures, videos, or files of your activities to us – either via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MicroChallenges2020 or by emailing us. If you are emailing them to us, please let us know if you are happy for us to share your stuff on our social media platforms (with credit, of course).

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